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Getting To Know You
So I want to make an attempt to actually know some of you guys, so I'm making this post in hopes that you'll respond in the comments with your answers so I can learn names and connect more personally with those of you whom I share common interests. If you're interested just repost with your answers in the comments. 

1) Name: Jackie
2)location: NJ, USA
3)fandoms: iron man, avengers, game of thrones, vampire diaries, once upon a time, grimm, hawai five-0, hunger games, harry potter, twilight, sherlock holmes
4) occupation: hairdresser, trying to be writer, and soon to be crafts extradinaire
5)sport: baseball
6) bands/singers: Hanson, David Cook but I really love and appreciate almost all kinds and as an avid concert goer (about 3-4 a month) I am always open to new music releases on i-tunes on tuesdays or new bands to check out live
7) sports teams: yankees and spain's soccer team
8) favorite authors or books: anything by Christopher Pike, Jackie Collins, Michael Connelly, Dan Brown also love The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Help, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, 
9)favorite animal: turtles
10) tumblr:,
11) twitter: solovely83
13) what your lj name means?: It's a Hanson song with the year I was born tagged on the end. It was easiest because everyone knows me by it, even people I don't know. 
I hope some of you guys decide to do this. 

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1) Name: Holly
2)location: MA, USA
3)fandoms: iron man, sherlock holmes- star trek once the new movie gets released
4) occupation: therapist
5)sport: football and OLYMPICS!
6) bands/singers: Uhm 80's - whatever is on my iPod and talk radio - I'm in my 40's, so I like talk
7) sports teams: BOSTON, BABY!
8) favorite authors or books: more than I can name
9)favorite animal: cats and dogs
10) tumblr: N/A
11) twitter: N/A
13) what your lj name means?: my town. I was desperate to come up with something because outtabreath was taken...I later realized that I had - years ago - signed up as outtabreath over here and had lost my password.

Cool and thanks for replying.

) Name: Andie (or Andrea)
2)location: Minnesota
3)fandoms: Farscape, Vampire Diaries, Buffy, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Everwood, Dawsons Creek, Degrassi TNG, Sherlock (to name a few)
4) occupation: Nanny
5)sport: I pretty much just like watching the Olympics.
6) bands/singers: At the moment (this list changes A LOT) Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Bon Iver, Queen, THe Pierces, The Cranberries, Rufus Wainwright, The Lumineers, FLorence and the Machine, Ida Maria, Johnny Cash, THe Cure, The Scissor Sisters.
7) sports teams: I guess The Twins and the Vikings. Not really a huge fan though
8) favorite authors or books: Harry Potter Series, Hunger Games Series, We've Always Lived in the Castle, East of Eden.
9)favorite animal: Dolphins
10) tumblr:
11) twitter: NA
13) what your lj name means?: A pairing name that was given to one of my favorite tv couples at the time.

We have some similar fandoms. Buffy is an old school fandom of mine. I want to go back and watch it all again on netflix. Willow and Oz were one of my otp's. What vampire diaries ships do you like?

1) Name: Anja
2)location: NRW, Germany
3)fandoms: Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Sherlock... and a long time ago it was Buffy, Angel, Heroes, Dawson's Creek, Dresden Files, PotC
4) occupation: Nurse (specialised for old people)
5)sport: active: none. Passively I like most of what was done at the Olympics
6) bands/singers: Die Ärzte, Fun, Black Lab,
7) sports teams: I supported Spain's Soccer Team during the EM (once Germany was out) and I also like Borissia Dortmund
8) favorite authors or books: authors: Rebecca Gable, Philippa Gregory, books: Harry Potter, Harry Dresden, Game of Thrones... but mostly I read fanfiction
9)favorite animal: sea otter
10) tumblr: no
11) twitter: no
13) what your lj name means?:it's parts of my surname and my first name combined. Not very creative, I know.

Thanks for your reply. We will have to discuss Vampire diaries again this season. :)

Sure, though I didn't like the latest developments. Elena as a vampire I can stomach (had anticipated it actually), but everything with Damon and her... and what happened to Ric... nope, don't like it.
But I'll watch it.

I know. I loved Ric too. And Elena becoming was a vampire was going to have to happen eventually otherwise Elena would constantly be a target. I'm not really happy with the Damon and Elena situation either. I read an article about the upcoming season where Elena will make her decision by the 4th episode. Also think of it like this. Once you become a vampire you remember all the times you were compelled. She is going to remember that she met Damon first and the time in her room when he told her he loved her and then wiped her memory. Also the plot line of Stefan being a blood addict for 4 seasons now is getting old. It's either get a grip or go back to bunnies. And last season was a little ehh for me because Julie Plec was the main writer, because Kev Williamson was doing The Secret Circle but now that that's cancelled I think he going to work more on Vampire Diaries and hopefully it will get better.

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