Dead fandom
Anyone here in a fandom that's dead without a single person to share it with? I'm in the situation now. I'm in a fandom with myself and the struggle is real.

Answer for question 4198.
Have you ever binge-watched a TV series? If so, what was it? Why did you like it so much?
Game of thrones and the walking dead. I'm just a fan of the sci-fi and the sci-fi fantasy genre anyway.

I'm back
I don't know how I stayed away so long, but i am back. Life just got crazy. I know I was mostly a lurker but I still enjoyed talking with some of you guys about fandoms and everything. Hope everyone is well. 

Hurricane Sandy
<lj-cut text=" This is not for the faint of heart">
Hurricane Sandy hit us in a major way. It has been so crazy that I'm just now able to post about it. I grew up in Monmouth County which is one of the counties listed as a disaster area. I lived in Union Beach from ages 12-25 and my parents still live there. We have a bay and a tiny beach, my parents live on the dry side a few blocks from the bay but they live on a street that is considered a flood zone because behind the backyard fence is a marsh but it doesn't connect to the bay. Usually when it rains the street floods a little and if you step out of the car you're ankle deep. No big deal. For Hurricane Irene they had 3 inches of water come into our finished basement and they had to rip the rugs out. They thought this storm would be the same. My parents along with 3 or 4 neighbors decided not to evacuate because we have 4 dogs and my mom's aunt lives with her and she is 87 and doesn't speak any English so it was easier to stay. They were very prepared but not prepared at all for what was about to happen. I live in Middlesex County now which much further inland but I live in a modular home which is also not considered safe so I stayed with a friend in Monmouth County that wasn't near the water. Everyone knows this was not just a "hurricane" it was a hybrid storm on a full moon with high tide coming in. I talked to my mom at 6:30 p.m and she said they already had 3 ft of water in the basement and high tide was expected from 830 pm- 12am. Ultimately the power went out, our cell phones died and it was unsafe to charge the phones in the car. So the next morning my mom tells me what she experienced. First off my mom, stepdad, great aunt, and all of our dogs and other small animals survived. I will tell you what happened to them and tell you that my family is in the group of lucky ones, in a town of pure devastation. My mom was chest deep in freezing water trying to save the guinea pigs one at a time, one of their cages tipped and my mom went under to save it. The guinea pig is fine and thank god my mom isn't sick from the water. White crested waves were smashing against our house and the water was 1 foot away from coming into the upstairs of the house. My stepdad was in the position of trying to figure out what he was going to do to save everyone if he had to. His plan, not great but a plan was to put the little dogs on a door and hope they float safely, have my border Collie swim with him, and he was going to tie my mom to empty water jugs from a water cooler and pull her along. He had no plan for my moms aunt. This is the scariest fucking thing she told me. You could be Michael Phelps and all the cars and debris and animals and filth in that water could kill you. The tide finally receded and all the water went back out into the marsh and bay and ocean. The next morning I was relieved to hear they survived and I went to help. We pulled the belongings out of the house and pulled out the rugs and tried to break down the broken fence. I got them as many supplies as I could back and forth trying to find towns that had power and water and food. Here are the pics:

I told my mom this will happen to the house whether you are in it or not. Put money away now and next time go to PA and stay in a dog friendly hotel. There are 24 confirmed dead in my town and it's a really small town. 

Getting To Know You
So I want to make an attempt to actually know some of you guys, so I'm making this post in hopes that you'll respond in the comments with your answers so I can learn names and connect more personally with those of you whom I share common interests. If you're interested just repost with your answers in the comments. 

1) Name: Jackie
2)location: NJ, USA
3)fandoms: iron man, avengers, game of thrones, vampire diaries, once upon a time, grimm, hawai five-0, hunger games, harry potter, twilight, sherlock holmes
4) occupation: hairdresser, trying to be writer, and soon to be crafts extradinaire
5)sport: baseball
6) bands/singers: Hanson, David Cook but I really love and appreciate almost all kinds and as an avid concert goer (about 3-4 a month) I am always open to new music releases on i-tunes on tuesdays or new bands to check out live
7) sports teams: yankees and spain's soccer team
8) favorite authors or books: anything by Christopher Pike, Jackie Collins, Michael Connelly, Dan Brown also love The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Help, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, 
9)favorite animal: turtles
10) tumblr:,
11) twitter: solovely83
13) what your lj name means?: It's a Hanson song with the year I was born tagged on the end. It was easiest because everyone knows me by it, even people I don't know. 
I hope some of you guys decide to do this. 

Best couple of all time, of ALL TIME
So I FINALLY made a Pepperony fan video last night. It's ok. It's only my 3rd fan vid, but I think the song is perfect. Feedback would be appreciated. 

Writer's Block: Super Bowl Sunday
Giants all the way !!!!!!
Which team are you rooting for?

Writer's Block: Doppelganger Week
Everyone tells me America Ferrara, but I don't think so. 
Who is your look-alike?

Writer's Block: Love Me Tender
Suspicious Minds
What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?

Writer's Block: Career paths
I would love to be an established author. 
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?


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